"I wonder if Carrd can be used as a design tool" - Damillora, while creating this specific site.


Hello! My name is Damillora. While I have a website located at nanao.moe (that was built myself with programming languages), I made a carrd for information commonly found in this type of website. Some information here is not integrated to the main website yet.

Website: https://nanao.moe


Please check the game profile page on my website, those are the games and I play, and for my interests which are games, I will include more details on their pages.

I plan to include a separate section for my interests on my website soon. I like THE [email protected] (I like all five branches, but lean towards Shiny Colors and Million Live), DEN-ON-BU (a currently still very new EDM franchise from Bandai Namco), BEMANI games (I main SOUND VOLTEX, I hope the local arcades here can survive the pandemic), and Virtual YouTubers (especially the independent ones).


THE [email protected] Shiny Colors

Yuika Mitsumine, Rinze Morino, Koito Fukumaru, Chiyuki Kuwayama, Hiori Kazano

THE [email protected] Million Live

Yuriko Nanao, Reika Kitakami, Anna Mochizuki


Kazune Shinonome, Shian Inubousaki, Ginka Haijima, Mitsuki Seto

Other fandoms

Note: This section is subject to changes because of the process of becoming a VTuber.

Before you follow

  • I am currently in the process of becoming a VTuber, things can change a lot in the following months.

  • Heavy lurker while preparing, expect more interactions when I finished preparations.

  • I am quite shy, except if I'm talking about things I like (where I usually just put a link to my blog posts since Twitter is not a place for long-form content to me)

  • I follow back purely based on my interests, if you write things that interests me, I will follow you back!

  • I am really not comfortable reading about controversial subjects on @Damillora, for my own sake. If you write interesting things on controversial subjects, I will follow back on @tairitsupyaaa instead.

Don't follow if

  • The usual dfi criterias, you're racist/homophobic/sexist. I really don't want to deal with those, especially after I became a VTuber.

  • You're only here to hate on things I like, because then my content is definitely not for you.

  • You don't like me being a VTuber.